Cow Days Saturday Mystery Guest (Moo)


This year we will be having a very special mystery guest at Cow Days. We don’t know her name yet, but Annie the Cow is going to have some competition … and we mean REAL competition.


We’re excited to announce that Southland Dairy Farmers will be setting up at Cow Days with their traveling Mobile Dairy Classroom on SATURDAY.

The mobile classroom is a traveling milking parlor, featuring a live cow (our mystery moo guest) and an oral presentation. They will demonstrate how to milk a cow, describe how milk goes from the farm to the consumer, and answer questions from the audience.

We’ve been told you won’t be allowed to touch or pet our mystery guest but you can get pretty close. If you need to touch a cow, move on down to the Annie the Cow booth and have your parents give you a dollar to get your paper cup and a chance to milk the old fashion way. Annie will love the attention.


Haley Fisher from Glasgow, Kentucky will be arriving early Saturday morning. We plan to have Haley and our mystery moo guest located along Main St somewhere just south of the square. Haley will be delivering short demonstrations and answering questions throughout the day.

Don’t tell Annie the Cow this, but this one is a REAL cow. Annie just thinks she is real. While frequent Cow Days attendees think the way you milk a cow is with your bare hands and a paper cup, that doesn’t cut it in real life dairy farms. The kids will learn about the slightly more sophisticated way milk, ice cream, cheese and pizza get to our tables.


See you at the Festival.