Cow Days Food and Drinks


Now let’s get one thing straight: you only go to Cow Days one day of the year, maybe two. We say you should eat what ever you want. Cow Days wouldn’t be Cow Days without munching and sipping on good food and good drinks. From Saturday’s Ham Breakfast, to the drink stands, to the food vendors, to the hot dog eating contest, you should not be thirsty or hungry. If you don’t believe us, we suggest you read on.



A Cow Days tradition not to be missed is the Rotary Club’s Ham Breakfast Buffet on Saturday morning. Yeah, we know, ham doesn’t come from cows, but it’s still a tradition. Greensburg Rotary Club members serve up a hearty feast of country ham, scrambled eggs, grits and biscuits. The buffet is $10.00 and is located on Court Street near the ample seating tent. Rotarians will be gearing up in the wee hours and ready to serve from 6am to 10am, or until the food runs out. It’s an annual favorite for early Festival visitors as well as vendors before the booths open at 8am.



There are over 20 food and drink vendors signed up for Cow Days this year. They range from iced drinks and lemonade to quench your thirst to all your favorite Festival foods to fill your belly. Most food vendors are clustered around Court Street adjacent to town square. You can grab something and eat on the go or take the family over to the covered seating area at Court and 1st Street. We hope for good weather but the covered seating will protect you form any rain or from the sun.


We don’t have space to tell you about all the food vendors but to give you a flavor (no pun intended) of the types of food you’ll find we’ll tell you about some of the local favorites who’ve become Cow Days traditions.

First is the Cattlemen’s Association booth and the fantastic cattleman cooking team. They make their succulent and tender ribeye sandwich that amazes the crowd and brings people back year after year.


Next are the folks from the American Legion who setup shop and serve the best fish sandwich for miles around. So when you’re chosing what to eat by the Oldest Courthouse west of the Allegheny Mountains you’re gonna want to try one of these. If not on Friday, then come back and get one Saturday.

One more you don’t want to miss is Tater Bin. These folks put french fries and tater tots to shame. You haven’t really eaten a potato until you’ve had their spiral cut fried potatoes with mouth watering toppings. There are some secrets in the preparation we can’t tell you about but that can’t stop you from experiencing this festival favorite.



If your style of eating has a competitive slant to it then be brave and enter the Hot Dog Eating Contest. The winner who eats the most hot dogs in 10 minutes walks, or crawls, away with a $100 Gift Card from Five Star. The contest takes place Saturday afternoon. The exact time is yet to be announced so stay tuned.

See you at the Festival.