Cow Days Annie the Cow


Annie the Cow, and her calf Little Annie, are making their way to this year’s Cow Days Fall Festival. Annie’s second stop is this Thursday at 8am at the Green County Primary School. Class by class, the kids are getting to develop their cow milking skills while getting ready for Cow Days.

After a short return to the barn, Annie and Little Annie will be traveling back downtown to their booth at Cow Days this Friday and Saturday. Annie’s booth will be located right next to the Old Courthouse on Greensburg’s Historic Square.


Annie the Cow is not a real cow. She and Little Annie are fiberglass. Annie was born in the 1970s and has been a Cow Days tradition ever since. She can’t graze the fields but she is portable. She and Little Annie live life bolted to a grass covered trailer that is a steady base for children to get up close and personal. For $1.00, you get a paper cup to see if you can milk Annie who produces chilled fruit punch. Did we mention Annie isn’t a real cow?


WARNING TO KIDS! While you’re trying to get your fruit punch outta Annie, your Mom or Dad or both are going to be insisting you turn your head around and look into the camera. They’ll be standing there in line behind you as they take picture after picture until they get just the right one. Like the one here.

You see, last year I manned the Annie the Cow booth Saturday morning. Sometimes, I took a moment and took a picture as well (to prove I was there). Now I’m not a photographer but this photo was on my phone, so I must have taken it. Normally the rules are you shouldn’t use a photo like this in an advertisement (is this advertising?) without permission but this picture turned out so good I had to share it. I’d love to give credit to this little lady and get the original into her and her parents hands. If you can help by identifying and/or forwarding this her parents I’d appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Dave Korns,, (270)405-0200

See you at the Festival.