Cow Days Annie Has Been Busy


Annie the Cow won’t have a chance to relax all week. Annie was refueled and out on the roads to make an appearance at Little LAMBS Preschool on Wednesday. The kids lined up in front of Annie and her side kick Little Annie for the awesomely cute group photo above.


For you adults wondering, Annie the Cow is not a real cow. She and Little Annie are fiberglass. Annie was born in the 1970s and has been a Cow Days tradition ever since. She can’t graze the fields but she is portable. She and Little Annie live life bolted to a grass covered trailer that is a steady base for children to get up close and personal. She produces chilled fruit punch, not milk.

If we needed any more proof that awesomely cute doesn’t always have to be about little kids, check out Rotarian Shelby Haines (Relationship Manager with Greensburg’s Limestone Bank) who kept the toddlers in line and taught them the Annie the Cow grip.

On Thursday at 8am she’ll be visiting Green County Primary School. Then, after another short return to the barn for refueling, Annie and Little Annie will be traveling back downtown to their booth at Cow Days this Friday and Saturday. Annie’s booth is located right next to the Old Courthouse on Greensburg’s Historic Square. Join in the line and for $1.00, get a paper cup and see how well you can milk Annie.

See you at the Festival.